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Educating Students About Careers in Science: Why It Matters

by: Jennifer DeWitt, Justin Dillon, Billy Wong, Jonathan Osborne, Stephanie Claussen, and Louise Archer

In this chapter, the authors’ analyze why school science needs to attend more to educating students about opportunities for scientific careers. The arguments of this chapter are twofold: (1) School science education fails to recognize what it is about science education that matters and (2) more importantly, school science gives insufficient emphasis to educating students about the careers that are available both in and from science. The authors seek to show that the failure to exploit the value of science for future employment is a missed opportunity to engage students in science. Their principal contention in this chapter is to try to show that what students and society value most—the extrinsic worth of science qualifications for future employment—is neglected.


Type Book ChapterPub Date 9/15/2012Stock # PB192X8_4

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