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CLSI: Cool Life Science Investigations

by: Florence F. McCann, Edmund A. Marek, Jon E. Pederson, and Carell Falsarella

With the number of popular medical and forensics programs on television and many references in the media today, even elementary students can comfortably throw around terms such as cells, DNA, and artificial products. However, their questions on these topics often go unanswered, or they are left with misinformation regarding these concepts. As a result, a group of university science educators and the resource coordinator for an elementary school gifted program teemed up to create accurate, developmentally appropriate, and exciting experiences with these topics for students in grades K-5. The result of this collaborative effort was an after-school science “tradeshow,” which is described here.


Elementary School


Type Journal ArticlePub Date 12/1/2007Stock # sc07_045_04_26Volume 045Issue 04

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