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Teaching Science With Interactive Notebooks

by: Kellie Marcarelli

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Interactive notebooks allow students to record and analyze observations, reflect on their learning, and self-assess their work. Teaching Science With Interactive Notebooks gives educators a step-by-step process for introducing interactive notebooks to students and using notebooks to develop students' communication skills, cognitive organization skills, and sense of responsibility for their own learning.

Packed with examples from actual student notebooks, this detailed guide explains the unique features that make interactive notebooks more effective tools than conventional notebooks for science classrooms. This resource:

• Describes the nuts and bolts of implementing interactive notebooks, including execution, time management, and grading

• Uses the 5E Learning Cycle (engage, explore, elaborate, extend, evaluate) as the framework for science instruction

• Emphasizes the importance of writing in science and provides strategies for modeling effective writing

• Explores strategies to encourage collaborative student inquiry and foster whole-class discussions

By implementing interactive notebooks in your classroom, you can gain deeper insight into each student's understanding, learning progress, and thinking!


Type Acquired BookPub Date 5/18/2010Pages 192ISBN 978-1-4129-5403-7Stock # OP893X

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