Learning with Loggerheads

by: Christine Lener and Theodora Pinou

Kids tracking sea turtles? No, it’s not a description for a new nature show on TV, it’s a lesson, and it could be happening in your classroom! Sea turtle biologists worldwide are currently working together to track turtles to learn about sea turtle behavior and migration in an effort to conserve these endangered animals. A unit was developed using a modified version of published tracking activities (Sera and Eckert 2005) for third-grade students in which students develop and share computer-generated maps that are based on authentic data. With this information, students can evaluate sea turtle life history, behavior, and environmental hazards, just as scientists are doing today. Now, with only an internet connection, your students can engage in the global mission of sea turtle conservation while at the same time learn about the importance of technology in conservation and understanding of biodiversity.


Type Journal ArticlePub Date 9/1/2007Stock # sc07_045_01_24Volume 045Issue 01

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