Carolina Biological OSE - May 2023

Cartooning Your Way to Student Motivation

by: Derek Sallis, Audrey C. Rule, and Ethan Jennings

Unmotivated, underachieving students pose a huge challenge for teachers. One way to motivate and stimulate student interest in a topic is to use humor. Humor can help students make new connections in learning and improves retention of information (Garner 2006). In this article, the authors describe how they integrated art and literature with science to encourage curiosity through the exploration of rocks, crystals, and fossils; to fuel interest with science trade books; and to translate newly acquired science information into funny cartoons. The cartoon-making activities engage students while they learn Earth science concepts and develop their abilities to visualize and combine ideas in new ways.


Type Journal ArticlePub Date 7/1/2009Stock # ss09_032_09_22Volume 032Issue 09

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