What Happened to Our Volcano?

by: Elaine Silva Mangiante

One third grade teacher reflects on her students living by the ocean and their frequent jaunts to the beaches where expansive slabs of granite jut out into the sea. During the summer, they run along the rocks and explore the cracks and crevices. Through their geology unit, the students discovered that this granite was formed “inside” a volcano. The students asked, “Why isn’t the granite inside the volcano now? Where is the rest of the volcano?” These questions provided the seeds for an investigative approach to “understanding Earth changes.” Students were familiar with earthquakes and volcanoes in other regions of the world but never considered how the land beneath their feet had experienced changes over time. This geology unit helped them understand and experience the changing nature of our Earth and the place where they live firsthand.


Type Journal ArticlePub Date 12/1/2006Stock # sc06_044_04_34Volume 044Issue 04

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