The Case Study: Intimate Debate Technique: Medicinal Use of Marijuana

by: Kristie DeRei and Clyde Freeman Herreid

This article describes the technique called intimate debate. To cooperative learning specialists, the technique is known as structured debate or constructive debate. It is a powerful method for dealing with case topics that involve controversy, such as whether to legalize marijuana, provide federal funding for cloning research, legalize euthanasia, abandon the Hubble space telescope, or permit intelligent design to be taught in the science classroom. Basically, two pairs of students face off across a small table, arguing first one side and then the other. At the end of this exercise they must abandon their formal positions and try to come to a consensus as to what is a reasonable position on the issue being debated.


Type Journal ArticlePub Date 1/1/2007Stock # jcst07_036_04_10Volume 036Issue 04

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