Research and Teaching: Using Internet Class Notes and PowerPoint in the Physical Geology Lecture: Comparing the Success of Computer Technology With Traditional Teaching Techniques

by: Erwin J. Mantei

The Southwest Missouri State University (SMSU) study compared student performance in physical geology lecture classes using a traditional method of presentation with that of using Internet notes and PowerPoint lecture slides. In the traditional method, topic notes were presented in an outlined form on the board. Overhead transparencies were used to supplement topic material. No other visual technology was used. Student exam scores obtained from the traditional method represent the control for this study and include data from 10 semester classes between 1992 and 1996. Scores from four semester classes from 1997 to 1998 represent the test group. Results indicate that Internet notes available to students and the use of PowerPoint slides for lectures are a more efficient way of presenting class material and take 20 percent less time than traditional techniques.


Type Journal ArticlePub Date 3/1/2000Stock # jcst00_029_05_301Volume 029Issue 05

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