Hardly a day goes by without something arriving by e-mail or being posted on the internet that just doesn’t sound true. The students in this story are depicted as having alert skepticism about things that don’t actually add up in their minds and determining to find out for themselves. The tongue map has been around for a long time—even in textbooks—but recently, it has undergone scrutiny and was found to be a myth. At least, so say some “experts.” Therefore, the purpose of this story is threefold: (1) to design the proper test for the tongue map; (2) to encourage the alert skepticism we want our students to display when confronted with seemingly discrepant information; and (3) to learn something about the nervous system and how it works.

Grade Levels

Elementary Middle School


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Type Book ChapterPub Date 2/20/2013ISBN 978-1-936959-30-3Stock # PB333X2_19

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