Carolina Biological K-8 Curriculum - March 2023

Animating Your Lecture

by: Donald P. French

Animations (rapidly changing sequences of drawn objects that simulate motion as in a movie) have been advocated for classroom use for years (Hall 1996), and there is good evidence to support the value of this practice. However, there is general agreement that it is not the use of multimedia and animations but how they are used that is important (Mayer and Moreno 2002). Therefore, this chapter focuses on how to use animations in a classroom. Following a discussion of what cognitive theory tells us about designing and using multimedia, the author explains how animations can be used in a classroom to encourage active learning and how to create and acquire animations to use in your classroom. The chapter concludes with guidelines for using animations in lecture.


Type Book ChapterPub Date 1/1/2006Stock # PB205X_23

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