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Characteristics of Acids and Bases: How Can the Chemical Properties of an Aqueous Solution Be Used to Identify It as an Acid or a Base?

by: Victor Sampson, Peter Carafano, Patrick Enderle, Steve Fannin, Jonathon Grooms, Sherry Southerland, Carol Stallworth, and Kiesha Williams

The purpose of this free sample lab is to introduce students to the physical and chemical properties of acids and bases. The lab can be used at the beginning of a unit on acid-base chemistry to set the stage for future lessons and investigations. This lab gives students an opportunity to devise, test, and refine a method that can be used to classify an aqueous solution as being an acid or a base using the physical or chemical properties of the solution. Students will also learn about the difference between observations and inferences in science and the different methods used in scientific investigations.

This free sample also includes the Table of Contents, Preface, and Introduction.

Grade Levels

High School


Chemistry Disciplinary Core Ideas Science and Engineering Practices


Type Book ChapterPub Date 10/1/2014Pages 48ISBN 978-1-938946-22-6Stock # PB349X2_Lab 18

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