Buzz Into Action: The Insect Curriculum Guide for Grades K–4 (e-book)

by: David Alexander

Calling all aspiring entomologists, apiologists, and lepidopterists—as well as kids who just think bugs, bees, and butterflies are cool!

Buzz Into Action is a lively insect-education curriculum for teaching about the world’s most abundant and accessible group of animals. This cross-disciplinary guide introduces children to the joy of insects through investigations that involve scientific inquiry and knowledge building rather than memorization. You can put the 20 hands-on lessons to work individually or as a curriculum, in the field or in the classroom. Activities range from the basic—how to identify an insect—to the irresistible—Pollinator Party Relay Race, Camouflaged Critters, and Colony Collapse Town Meeting.

For ease of use, each lesson plan provides:
• A quick-read overview of the activity’s requirements
• Detailed objectives, materials lists, and background information
• Step-by-step procedures and reproducible activity sheets
• Assessments and extensions
• Reference materials including field guides, websites, and story books that complement lessons and help you hone in on species from your own region

In fact, Buzz Into Action provides almost everything you need to get your classroom buzzing. Just add insects—and curious children.


Type e-bookPub Date 3/11/2012Stock # PKEB319X

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