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How to... Ask the Right Questions (e-Book)

by: Patricia E. Blosser

Questions, questions, questions! They are a large part of a teacher’s stock-in-trade. We use questions to help students review, to check on comprehension, to stimulate critical thinking, to encourage creativity, to emphasize a point, to control classroom activities, reduce disruptive behavior, to help determine grades, to encourage discussion, to discourage inattentiveness, and for other reasons and purposes. Questioning style and content varies from teacher to teacher, student group to student group, and situation to situation.

The aim of this "How to…" booklet is to help you focus on a common teaching activity—the asking of questions. To illustrate some of the classifications and concepts discussed, excerpts from a videotaped lesson to third graders on magnetism appears at the end of this booklet.


Elementary SchoolMiddle SchoolHigh School


Type e-bookPub Date 1/1/2000Stock # PKEB038X3

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