Using Student Peer Review of Experiement Reports in an Undergraduate Physics Class

by: Timothy Moran and Stephen J. Van Hook

A class centered on student design of experiments and peer review of the resulting reports is described. Thirteen students in an honors seminar section of an introductory physics class designed experiments to test various types of paranormal phenomena. Each experimental report was evaluated and ranked by several other students. To give them experience in interpreting controversial results, the students were instructed to slant their experimental reports toward either paranormal interpretations or a non-paranormal interpretation as much as possible within the constraints of the data. Then students evaluated each other's reports using a commentary and ranking form. Survey and interview data obtained after the class indicated an increase in students' confidence in their ability to evaluate media science reports.


Type Journal ArticlePub Date 9/1/2006Stock # jcst06_036_01_45Volume 036Issue 01

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