Using Science Popularizations to Promote Learner-Centered Teaching

by: Ivan Shibley, Maureen E. Dunbar, Tami H. Mysliwiec, and David A. Dunbar

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This article attempts to evaluate why popularizations seem to generate positive reactions from learners and why the authors find themselves using popularizations more and more frequently. In doing a retrospective analysis, the authors have drawn on the changes advocated in Learner-Centered Teaching: Five Key Changes to Practice (Weimer 2003). This paper discusses how science popularizations can be utilized as part of a learner-centered classroom by looking at each of Weimer’s five changes. Using Weimer’s framework provides a window through which to view the benefits of popularizations.


Type Journal ArticlePub Date 12/1/2008Stock # jcst08_038_02_54Volume 038Issue 02

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