Connecting Students to Science Through Structured Reading of Historical Nonfiction

by: William J. Straits, Susan Gomez Zwiep, and R. Russell Wilke

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Success for many of our students is contingent on the degree to which they identify with and make personal connections to science. Although this may be most true of our nonmajors, it is important for us as science educators to help all our students come to view science in a personally meaningful light. The reading of historical nonfiction can assist in this endeavor, but to ensure that personal connections are made and that specific aspects of the history and nature of science are understood, students need support as they read. This article offers modified literature circles as one means for structuring students’ reading. A theoretical rationale and practical advice for using this strategy within science courses is provided.


Type Journal ArticlePub Date 1/1/2011Stock # jcst11_040_03_26Volume 040Issue 03

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