Adapting a Student-Centered Chemistry Curriculum to a Large-Enrollment Context: Successes and Challenges

by: Emily J. Borda, Andrew Boudreaux, Ben Fackler-Adams, Paul Frazey, Sara Julin, Gregory Pennington, and Jared Ogle

Student-centered forms of instruction based in a constructivist framework, where students are guided toward actively constructing their understanding, have been met with success. However, implementation of constructivist-based curricula and complementary teaching practices in large introductory college courses is often met with unique challenges. The authors describe and evaluate the scaling of a constructivist-based, student-centered chemistry curriculum from its original implementation in a 24-seat small-enrollment course to a 96-seat large-enrollment course.


Type Journal ArticlePub Date 5/1/2017Stock # jcst17_046_05_8Volume 046Issue 05

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