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Research and Teaching: Undergraduate Students’ Scientifically Informed Decision Making About Socio-Hydrological Issues

by: Jaime L. Sabel, Tina Vo, Ashley Alred, Jenny M. Dauer, and Cory T. Forbes

To engage effectively with contemporary water-related challenges with scientific and social dimensions, students need to understand the properties of water and the nature of scientific processes and practices. However, students have difficulty in understanding core hydrologic concepts, and more work is needed to determine how they structure their decision making about socio-hydrological issues. In this study, the authors investigated undergraduate students’ decision making with a focus on the resources they leveraged to make and support their decisions about socio-hydrological issues.


ENCdl Humans and the environment Personal and Social Issues


Type Journal ArticlePub Date 7/1/2017Stock # jcst17_046_06_71Volume 046Issue 06

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