Solar Paths: An International and Integrated Look at the Sun and Seasons

by: Donna Governor, Ayla Cetin-Dindar, Pat Doney, Jessica Harper, Lynda Jenkins, Clintia Ortiz-Blanco, and Deborah Tippins

Some of the most difficult concepts for students to understand in Earth science are the ideas and explanations related to the Sun and seasons. The daily rotation of the Earth causes day and night, and the differences of how it is observed at different locations on Earth is a concept that is a challenge for many middle-school-age students to grasp. This article describes how to present these ideas to students using an international perspective and integrated approach that includes myth, archaeology, culture, and science.


Middle School


Type Journal ArticlePub Date 4/1/2009Stock # ss09_032_08_22Volume 032Issue 08

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