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Science Notebooks, Second Edition: Writing About Inquiry

by: Lori Fulton and Brian Campbell

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The bestselling first edition of Science Notebooks inspired thousands of teachers to use science notebooks as a powerful way to help students reveal and develop their thinking about scientific concepts, engage in the work of scientists and engineers, and exercise language skills. Lori Fulton and Brian Campbell make the second edition even more valuable by showing how science notebooks support implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards as well as the Common Core State Standards, English language arts. The authors have also added new material to every chapter, including:

• strategies to scaffold science notebook instruction;
• how science notebooks help students develop explanations and arguments based on evidence;
• strategies for collecting and analyzing science notebooks for formative assessment; and
• new interviews with scientists and engineers that spotlight the use of science notebooks in their work.

Student samples and classroom vignettes from a variety of settings illustrate the transformative effect of science notebooks on students’ scientific thinking as well as their literacy skills.

Grade Levels

Elementary Middle School


Assessment Engineering Literacy Teaching Strategies


Type Acquired BookPub Date 7/1/2014Pages 136ISBN 978-0-325-05659-3Stock # OP914X

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