Succeeding With Inquiry in Science and Math Classrooms

by: Jeff C. Marshall

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A Copublication of ASCD and NSTA Press.

Teaching in a math or science classroom can be a great opportunity to shift the focus of instruction away from telling and more toward having students do and experience academic content. Jeff C. Marshall explains how to plan and implement that kind of high-quality instruction by combining three practices that have been show to increase students’ critical thinking skills—inquiry-based instruction, formative assessment, and teacher reflection. Real-world lesson plans and units of study help you engage students, encourage them to explore and think critically, and meet learning requirements and standards while making these subjects fun.


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Type NSTA Press BookPub Date 10/15/2013Pages 172ISBN 978-1-4166-1608-5

NSTA Press produces classroom-ready activities, hands-on approaches to inquiry, relevant professional development, the latest scientific education news and research, assessment and standards-based instruction.

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