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Science as Inquiry in the Secondary Setting

edited by: Julie Luft, Randy L. Bell, and Julie Gess-Newsome

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It can be a tough thing to admit: Despite hearing so much about the importance of inquiry-based science education, you may not be exactly sure what it is—not to mention how to do it. But now this engaging new book takes the intimidation out of inquiry. Science as Inquiry in the Secondary Setting gives you an overview of what inquiry can be like in middle and high school and explores how to incorporate more inquiry-centered practices into your own teaching.

In 11 concise chapters, leading researchers raise and resolve such key questions as:

• What is inquiry?
• What does inquiry look like in specific classes, such as the Earth science lab or the chemistry lab?
• What are the basic features of inquiry instruction?
• How do you assess science as inquiry?

Science as Inquiry was created to fill a vacuum. No other book serves as such a compact, easy-to-understand orientation to inquiry. It’s ideal for guiding discussion, fostering reflection, and helping you enhance your own classroom practices. As chapter author Mark Windschitl writes, “The aim of doing more authentic science in schools is not to mimic scientists, but to develop the depth of content knowledge, the habits of mind, and the critical reasoning skills that are so crucial to basic science literacy.” This volume guides you to find new ways of helping students further along the path to science literacy.

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