Hop Into Action: The Amphibian Curriculum Guide for Grades K–4

by: David Alexander

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K–4 teachers, homeschoolers, camp leaders, and naturalists will find the standards-based lessons in this slim volume the perfect introduction to environmental science for young learners. Hop Into Action helps teach children about the joy of amphibians through investigations that involve scientific inquiry and knowledge building. Developed in response to a global amphibian extinction crisis, this book will equip children with the necessary tools to protect amphibians and their environments. Twenty hands-on learning lessons such as “Frog Pond Lifeguard” and “Camouflaged Critters” can be used individually or as a yearlong curriculum. Each lesson is accompanied by detailed objectives, materials lists, background information, step-by-step procedures, evaluation questions, assessment methods, and additional web resources. The activities can easily be integrated into other disciplines—such as language arts, physical education, art, and math—and are adaptable to informal learning environments.

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