Project Earth Science: Physical Oceanography, Revised 2nd Edition

by: Alfredo L. Aretxabaleta, Gregg R. Brooks, and Nancy W. West

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How well can your students—
• Explain why ice floats?
• Model ocean currents?
• Predict tides?
• Describe the proper clean-up of an oil spill?

Project Earth Science: Physical Oceanography, Revised 2nd Edition, immerses students in activities that focus on water, the substance that covers nearly three-quarters of Earth's surface. Eighteen ready-to-use, teacher-tested classroom activities and supplemental readings offer explorations and straightforward explanations to foster intuitive understanding of key science concepts. Students cover topics such as the structure of water molecules, saltwater and freshwater mixing, and tidal forces as they create waves, dissolve substances, float eggs, and more. Background materials for students and teachers, detailed and illustrated procedures for doing hands-on activities, and supplemental resources provide all the tools necessary to make a splash in the classroom.

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