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Science for the Next Generation: Preparing for the New Standards

“The old models of teaching as simply telling, and learning as passive sit-and-get listening, will not meet the needs of tomorrow’s citizens.”
—Thomas O’Brien in the Overview to Science for the Next Generation

Preparing for tomorrow is what this multifaceted book is all about. If you’re an elementary school teacher, you’ll see your unique perspective reflected in material designed to get you ready for both a new generation of science students and the new Framework for K–12 Science Education and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

A combination of theoretical and practical, the book is written by experts in science and education as well as experienced classroom teachers. They explain
• the latest research on how children learn and what this evidence tells you about the most effective classroom practices;
• what you need to understand about the new standards; and
• how literacy must be connected to science lessons.

Plus: Perhaps most useful, you get seven sample activities that demonstrate how to use the NGSS in your lessons on physical, life, and Earth and space sciences.

Whether science is one of several disciplines you teach or your primary area of expertise, Science for the Next Generation is an invaluable resource. It offers the essential background, content, and practices you need to implement the new standards at the K–5 level.


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