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Including Students With Disabilities in Advanced Science Classes

by: Lori A. Howard and Elizabeth A. Potts

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Are you an experienced science teacher who needs a foundation in special education basics when students with disabilities are placed in your advanced classes? Then this book is the resource for you. Both practical and readable, this book will help you

• think of new ways to design your instruction with individual needs in mind,
• find new and creative ways to manage lab experiments so all your students will benefit,
• overcome fears of behavioral flare-ups in the classroom, and
• become more confident when working with your special education counterparts and the IEP team.

Including Students With Disabilities in Advanced Science Classes starts by acquainting you with special education terms and laws and concludes with ways to approach end-of-year testing. In between, you receive straightforward guidance on real-life situations, plus problem-solving strategies, behavior contracts for students, and workable ideas for you. Authors Lori A. Howard and Elizabeth A. Potts encourage you to embrace including students with disabilities in your advanced classes and give you the tools to help all of your students succeed.

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