Once Upon an Earth Science Book: 12 Interdisciplinary Activities to Create Confident Readers

by: Jodi Wheeler-Toppen

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If you work with students who struggle to understand their Earth science texts, this book provides everything you need to boost their skills in both science and reading. Once Upon an Earth Science Book starts with advice on teaching reading comprehension strategies to middle school students. Then, the 12 content chapters give you

• hands-on science activities with engaging titles such as “Mountain Mayhem,” “Oceans on the Move,” and “Trash Soup”;
• readings that cover important Earth science concepts and support the Next Generation Science Standards;
• writing activities that prompt students to connect what they did with what they read; and
• assessment exercises to give you feedback on what your students are learning.

You’ll love how practical and easy this book is to use. Jodi Wheeler-Toppen is an experienced teacher who couldn’t find a resource that integrated reading, writing, and science—so she wrote it herself. She’s also the author of NSTA Press’s Once Upon a Life Science Book (see p. 7). “As you and your students work through these lessons together,” she predicts, “you will be able to watch their confidence as readers—and your confidence as a reading educator—grow.”

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Grade Levels

Middle School


Curriculum Earth & Space Science Inquiry Instructional Materials Interdisciplinary Lesson Plans Teaching Strategies Three-Dimensional Learning


Type NSTA Press BookPub Date 5/31/2016Pages 185ISBN 978-1-941316-09-2Stock # PB275X2

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