Perspectives on Science Education: A Leadership Seminar (Book Sample)

by: Rodger Bybee and Stephen Pruitt

This book delivers what the title promises: perspectives on leadership and science education, presented in the form of a simulating seminar. Authors Rodger Bybee and Stephen Pruitt are two of science educator's most prominent thought leaders. Writing in a conversational style, they encourage you to ponder central concerns of the science education community in general and science teachers in particular. As they explain, “This book is our response to those ready to face the challenges and provide leadership for education reform.”

The book starts with an introduction to perspectives, challenges, standards, and leadership—themes that weave throughout the book. After a brief history of science education, Bybee and Pruitt cover some of the current issues and topics in education such as state standards and district leadership, curriculum programs, professional development, and assessment and accountability. Each chapter also includes an essay from one of the authors covering his personal perspective on the topic at hand.

Perspectives on Science education is certain to launch professional conversations that will contribute to a deeper understanding of science education and strengthen your desire and ability to lead. As Bybee and Pruitt say in their last chapter, “The science education community needs your leadership.”


Elementary SchoolMiddle SchoolHigh School


Type Book ChapterPages 416ISBN 978-1-941316-30-6

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