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Picture-Perfect Science Lessons Grade K - Assembled Book Collection

New in 2018!
A Collection of 21 children’s trade books that support Picture-Perfect Science Lessons Grade K is now available.The Grade-level of the Picture-Perfect Program features a compilation of more thabn 80 lessons from the award-winning five book series. All the books fit inside a zippered canvas tote bag. This bundled set is a great value, especially compared with the retail cost (and effort) of buying the books separately. The Collection includes much-admired volumes that will become frequently enjoyed additions to your school’s science and reading resources.

The Collection includes the following trade books
* Be a Friend to Trees
* Do You Know Which One will Grow?
* Engineering in Everyday Life
* Hear Your Heart
* I Fall Down
* I wanna Iguana
* Move It: Force & Motion
* Newton & Me
* Our Tree Named Steve
* Recycle Everyday
* Roller Coaster
* Summer Sun rising (currently back ordered)
* Sunshine on My Shoulders
* The Busy Body Book
* The Handiest Things in the World * The Sun: Our Nearest Star
* The Three R's: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle
* Wangari's Trees of Peace
* We Planted a Tree
* What's Alive
* Where do Animals Live?


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