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Earth Hounds ClassPack

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Using Picture-Perfect Science Lessons, Expanded 2nd Edition in your classroom is easier than ever! NSTA’s ClassPacks, each sufficient for a class of 28 students, are lesson-specific collections of materials—an unmatched time-saver and a great deal.

This ClassPack for the book chapter "Earthlets" in Picture-Perfect Science Lessons, Expanded 2nd Edition: Using Children's Books to Guide Inquiry, includes 28 small opaque film containers with lids, 10 nuts and bolts, 1 box paper clips, 1 cup unpopped popcorn kernels, 2 marbles, 2 small screws, 7 coated magnet wands, 10 wooden cubes, 6 pennies, 2 identical metal key chains, 2 salt packets, 2 small pencil top erasers, 10 buttons, 10 thick rubber bands, 1/4 cup pea gravel, and 1 crayon.


Type ClassPackPub Date 4/20/2010Stock # PB186PPCP02

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