Teaching With Purpose: Closing the Research - Practice Gap (e-book)

by: John E. Penick and Robin Lee Harris

The best science teachers don’t just get up in front of the class and start talking. They draw from a plan… a rationale… a purpose. This book helps you create and implement a detailed, research-based teaching rationale that works even with students of varied needs in less-than-ideal facilities. The key is a method that this book’s authors and their colleagues have used to help more than 3,000 preservice and inservice science teachers achieve improved results in their classrooms.

Teaching with Purpose provides a framework for coordinating your unique students and school with your desired educational outcomes and the education research literature. You can use this framework in several aspects of teaching: for planning lessons and units, selecting activities and curriculum, and analyzing your role as teacher. All this is explained within the book’s easy-to-grasp structure. It covers the case for a research-based teaching rationale, the elements of such a rationale, how to develop and implement it, and then how to become a mentor to others.

Throughout the text, more than a dozen elementary, middle, and high school science teachers comment on how developing a research-based rationale has made them better educators. The book’s combination of theory and practice, instruction and inspiration, makes it ideal for planning personal development and for use at teacher workshops.


Elementary SchoolMiddle SchoolHigh School


Type e-bookPub Date 1/1/2005

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