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All in a Day's Work, 2nd Edition: Careers Using Science (e-book)

by: Megan Sullivan

“Almost all careers in the 21st century require a working knowledge of science and mathematics,” says Steve Metz, The Science Teacher field editor, in his introduction to All in a Day’s Work, 2nd edition. “The pending retirement of 78 millions baby boomers can only add to the need for science and mathematics training, as companies begin recruiting replacement workers in science fields, sometimes—believe it or not—as early as middle school!”

This expanded second edition will help you give students an exciting look at the vast array of jobs built on a foundation of science, including:

• the expected—high school science teacher, microbiologist, and radiation therapist,
• the unexpected—bomb investigator, space architect, and musical acoustics scientist, the adventurous—astronaut, deep-cave explorer, and dinosaur paleontologist, and
• the offbeat— shark advocate, roller coaster designer, and oyster wrangler

All in a Day’s Work, 2nd edition is a compendium of 49 of the popular “Career of the Month” columns from the NSTA high school journal The Science Teacher. Each column profiles a person in a science-related job and can be reproduced and shared with your high school students as they make career and education plans. Each profile includes suggestions about how to find additional career information, including links to websites and relevant professional organizations and interest groups.

Table of Contents


By Steve Metz

Careers listed alphabetically

List of Academic Degrees



High School Teacher

The Adventurous Life

Deep-cave explorer



Animal Kingdom


Animal nutritionist

Aquaculture veterinarian

Honey bee scientist

Aquatic conservation biologist

Shark advocate

Artistic Endeavors

Scientific illustrator

Art conservationist

Landscape architect

Musical acoustics scientist

Environmental Issues

Environmental consultant



Hurricane researcher


Health and Fitness

Diabetes educator

Respiratory therapist

Genetic counselor

Radiation therapist

Sport biomechanist

Ear, nose, and throat doctor

Clinical neuropsychologist

Let’s Investigate


Forensics technician

Bomb investigator

Historical archaeologist

Dinosaur paleontologist

Bone detective

Research and Development

Industrial toxicologist

Coating expert



Green product chemist

Cosmetic chemist

Technology—and Toys

Video game designer

Automotive technician

Roller coaster designer

Artificial intelligence expert

Space architect

GIS specialist

What We Eat

NASA food scientist

Foodborne disease epidemiologist

Food technologist

Plant geneticist

Oyster wrangler




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