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I put these resources together because I believe it is very important to have lab safety rules in the classroom, because as a future special education educator I believe it is imperative to have lab safety rules so the students wont hurt themselves or others by doing something they are not suppose to in the lab. For Example Lets say you were doing a lab that had you using highly toxic chemicals and if misused could kill you. If you didn't have safety rules stating they were toxic chemicals and you decided it would be fun to taste them well you'd probably die. You should always follow lab safety rules no matter what kind of lab you are doing. DON'T EAT CHEMICALS THEY'RE BAD FOR YOU! With the picture of the possible things that can happen if you do. I pick misconception as well because we all have misconceptions whether we are adults or a young child. Because in my teaching elementary Science class we had to take a mini quiz we had to label the answers true or false and a lot of us in

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