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Below is my Earth and Space Collection. The first resource is a lesson plan containing an activity called "How Do We Find Patterns in Weather." Students use the E-Book "Investigating Weather and Climate" to create a chart about the characteristics of different types of weather and match different instruments used by meteorologists to their function. My next resource is the E-Book "Investigating Weather and Climate." It is connected to the lesson plan and allows students to explore and compare different climates, while analyzing the weather at each one. My third resource is a journal article called "Seasonal Weather Patterns." The article explains how to use trade books when teaching science standards and contains lesson plans aligned with the 5E's. The final resource is a video called "Weather Predictions." It explains what a meteorologist is, and how they use patterns to make decisions about the weather.

Earth & Space Science Elementary Middle School

Resources in “Collection 2: Earth and Space Science”

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How Do We Find Patterns in Weather? Lesson Plan
Investigating Weather and Climate Interactive E-book Kids
Seasonal Weather Patterns Journal Article
Weather Predictions Video Web Page