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5E Lesson Resources, Structures and Functions of Living Organisms, K.L.1


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Interdependence of Life: Organisms and Their Environments Science Object
Let's Plan an Experiment: What do Plants Need?

Students learn the needs of plants by designing and conducting experiments that control the amount of water and light the plants receive. They measure plant growth over time using non-standard measurements and record their findings using comparative graphs which they analyze to draw conclusions about the needs of living things. Click on the link to view the associated activity (Light Plants and Da ...

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Living or Nonliving? Journal Article
Organisms: Grades K-4 SciGuide
Science 101: Q: How Do We Distinguish Between Living and Nonliving Things? Journal Article
Science 101: Why do we classify things in science? Journal Article
The Needs of Living Things

Students watch video clips of animals and plants in their natural environments to determine what living things need to survive. They will then complete an illustration of their own real or imagined plant or animal fulfilling one or more of their needs for survival, within their natural environment. While this lesson does a good job explaining how animals meet their needs through their environments ...

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