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These resources can be beneficial to all types of teachers that may have to teach students with disabilities.

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22 Tips for Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

22 basic tips that can help you as a teacher in the classroom when teaching a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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Classroom Strategies for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

How applied behavior analysis can improve the functioning of children with Autism

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Down's Sydrome Learners

A brief overview of some key pointers anyone should know about teaching students with Down's Syndrome. This article includes anything from basic Down's Syndrome facts to how you can better prepare as a teacher to facilitate any students you may teach with Down's Syndrome.

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New Teacher Guide to Classroom Management

A video of a new teacher using 7 different classroom management tips

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Strategies for teaching students with ADD Web Page
The Flexible Classroom

A blog discussing classroom management that can help students with mental health challenges to thrive.

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