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Look here for examples of research published in NSTA Affiliate Journals that has received the annual NSTA "Research Worth Reading" distinction. These articles were judged most relevant in terms of their implications for classroom teaching and learning. Journals include Science Educator (NSELA), Journal of Research in Science Teaching (NARST), and Journal of Science Teacher Education (ASTE).

Elementary Middle School High School Postsecondary General Science

Resources in “Research Worth Reading” Collection

Title Resource Type
1 Current Research Journal Article
2 Current Research: 2011 Summer Reading Suggestions Journal Article
3 Current Research: 2012 Summer Reading Suggestions Journal Article
4 Current Research: 2013 Summer Reading Suggestions Journal Article
5 Research Roundup: 2014 Summer Reading Suggestions Journal Article
6 NARST - Research Worth Reading 2018-2023.pdf PDF File
9 JRST_Plummer2009.pdf PDF File
9 JRST_Beghetto2009.pdf PDF File
9 JRST_SchwartzEtAl2009.pdf PDF File
10 JRST_MinnerEtAl2010.pdf PDF File
10 JRST_JohnsonPapageorgiu2010.pdf PDF File
10 JRST_VarelasEtAl2010.pdf PDF File
10 JRST_OlistskyEtAl2010.pdf PDF File
11 JRST_ScaliseEtAl2011.pdf PDF File
11 JRST_McElheneyEtAl2011.pdf PDF File
11 JRST_YerrickEtAl2011.pdf PDF File
11 JRST_CarloneEtAl2011.pdf PDF File
11 JRST_JinEtAl2012.pdf PDF File
12 SciEducator_HanuscinEtAl2012.pdf PDF File
12 JRST_SurielEtAl2012.pdf PDF File
12 JRST_NobleEtAl2012.pdf PDF File
12 JRST_BerlandHammer2012.pdf PDF File
12 JRST_MallyaEtAl2012.pdf PDF File
13 JRST_SadlerEtAl2013.pdf PDF File
13 JRST_GrimbergGummer2013.pdf PDF File
13 JRST_ZangoriEtAl2013.pdf PDF File
13 JRST_KloserEtAl2013.pdf PDF File
13 JRST)ChangLinn2013.pdf PDF File
14 JRST_ChristodoulouEtAl2014.pdf PDF File
14 JRST_RyooLinn2014.pdf PDF File
14 JRST_PohlmanHope2014.pdf PDF File
15 JRST_MooreEtAl2015.pdf PDF File
15 JRST_HagayEtAl2015.pdf PDF File
15 JRST_JinEtAl2015.pdf PDF File
16 JSTE_HanuscinEtAl2016.pdf PDF File
16 JRST_MonteiraEtAl2016.pdf PDF File
16 JSTE_JungBrown2016.pdf PDF File
16 JSTE_CapitelliEtAl2016.pdf PDF File
16 CITE_ZallesManitokas2016.pdf PDF File
16 JRST_KangEtAl2016.pdf PDF File
16 JRSTHokayemEtAl2016.pdf PDF File
16 JRST_SchwichowEtAl2016.pdf PDF File
17 JRST_ZangoriEtAl2017.pdf PDF File
17 JRST_Donovan2017.pdf PDF File
17 JRST_McNeillBreland2017.pdf PDF File
18 Tobin et al.2018. Model-based reasoning about energy.pdf PDF File
18 Unsal et al.2018. Gesticulating science Emergent bilingual students gestures.pdf PDF File
18 Morales-Doyle.2018. Students as curriculum critics.pdf PDF File
19 Peel et al. 2019. Learning natural selection computational thinking.pdf PDF File
19 Ryoo & Bedell.2019. Supporting linguistically diverse students with visualizations.pdf PDF File
19 Rouse & Rouse.2019.Third graders use of writing in engineering.pdf PDF File
20 Visintainer. 2020. Students of color experiences in science.pdf PDF File
20 Navy et al. 2020. Accessed or latent resources in teacher networks.pdf PDF File
20 Wieselmann et al. 2020. Small group student interactions STEM unit.pdf PDF File
21 Harris & Ballard.2021.Environmental science agency school contexts.pdf PDF File
21 Puntambekar et al.2021. Supporting middle school students science talk in physical and virtual labs.pdf PDF File
22 Lowell et al. 2022. Discussion types to support collective sensemaking.pdf PDF File
22 Anwar et al. 2022. Effectiveness of integrated STEM curriculum unit.pdf PDF File
22 Ibourk et al.2022. It is what it is Using Storied-Identity.pdf .pdf PDF File