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A compilation of handouts, rubrics, presentations on STEM and Engineering Design I have used and shared in workshops. Some YouTube video links to help. [Note: The focus is primarily on the engineering design process of STEM, but the activities are good integration]

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Resources in “Gabe's STEM resources” Collection

Title Resource Type
5_Engery_conservation-_sustainability.pdf PDF File
5-_Properties_and_Changes_in_Substances.pdf PDF File
5-_Rube_Golberg_machine.pdf PDF File
5-_Simple_Machines.pdf PDF File
5_Weather.pdf PDF File
5Wind_car-_Sustainability.pdf PDF File
6_Diversity_of_Living_Things.pdf PDF File
6_Electricity.pdf PDF File
6_electricity_2.pdf PDF File
6_Flight.pdf PDF File
6_solar_system.pdf PDF File
7_ecosystems.pdf PDF File
7_solubility.pdf PDF File
7_structures.pdf PDF File
7earths_crust.pdf PDF File
7Particle_Theory_Heat_Transfer.pdf PDF File
8_Fluids.pdf PDF File
8_fluids2.pdf PDF File
8_microscope_and_cells.pdf PDF File
8_water_systems.pdf PDF File
8optics.pdf PDF File
8water_systems.pdf PDF File
Design_Process_-_SAGE.pptx PPTX File
Designing and Constructing a Load-Bearing Structure Book Chapter
Engineering_Design_Process_work_pads.docx DOCX File

Grade 1

PDF File
Gabes_Design_Process_Links_-_Grades_4-8.docx DOCX File

Grade 2

PDF File

Grade 2

PDF File

Grade 3

PDF File

Grade 3

PDF File
Grades_5_Design_Process_Rubric.docx DOCX File
Group_Work_Evaluation.docx DOCX File
Open-Ended Inquiry Journal Article
Podcast: Engineering - Because Dreams Need Doing: What is the engineering design process Podcast
Possible_Team_Roles.docx DOCX File
Science_self_evaluation..docx DOCX File

Grade 1

PDF File
Simpified_Design_Process.pdf PDF File
STEM_related_links.docx DOCX File
The Engineering Process: Crash Course Kids #12.2

An excellent video for early or middle years students to learn about the Engineering Design process

2 File
What happens when STEM teams don't communicate [long ~6 minutes]

A clip from Monty Python and the Holy Grail in which King Arthur's knights need to incorporate some STEM to overcome a foe.

Web Page
What happens when STEM teams don't communicate [short ~ 3 mins]

Monty Python and the Holy Grail clip in which King Arthur's knights employ some STEM to help them against a foe.

Web Page