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May 12-8, 2021

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Keynote Presentation: Equity-ology

Monday, April 12 • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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Growing up in a single parent home on the south side of Chicago, IL, Justin J. Shaifer had little awareness of the potential of a STEM career. His worldview drastically transformed after experiences at Hampton University. Justin graduated with a bachelor's degree in marine and environmental science with the highest departmental GPA, and was also president of Hampton University's student body while receiving scholarships from NASA and NOAA that covered 100% of his tuition and room and board. Now 24 years old, Justin travels the country empowering young students to "embrace their inner nerd" despite their surroundings, and developing culturally responsive STEM curricula for New York City institutions.

Justin is executive director of Fascinate, Inc., an organization created to excite underrepresented students about STEM. He is known for his work on the Magic Cool Bus Project. Past partners of his organization include Microsoft, MIT Media Lab, and the Children’s Aid Society. Justin is studying these programs’ effects as a PhD student at Columbia University.

Justin Shaifer (Fascinate, Inc.: New York, NY)

NSTA’s “State of Education” Message

Tuesday, April 13 • 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM

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NSTA State of Education Message.pptx

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Hear about the new administration’s priorities and plans for supporting science and STEM educators and learn more about education and funding priorities in Congress. Bring your questions, and join us in this discussion about what’s going on in Washington, D.C.

Jodi Peterson (: Arlington, VA)

Speed-Sharing Chats

Tuesday, April 13 • 4:45 PM - 5:30 PM

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Speed-sharing chat topics will include:

  • Science experiments gone awry 
  • Funniest teacher jokes
  • Funniest administrator jokes
  • “Worst day ever” experiences that you can now laugh at
  • Funniest teacher sayings 
  • Funniest things you’ve heard students say
  • Weirdest experiment results
  • Best science experiments
  • If you could rename teachers, what would it be?
  • If you could rename science, what would it be?
  • Things you wish you would have known before becoming a science teacher
  • Weird things you’ve done in class
  • Weird things students have done in class
  • Most hilarious things you’ve seen or heard at school
  • Funniest tweets about teaching, teachers, or students you’ve ever seen.

Join in, have fun, and let loose! This event will be one you’ll never forget!

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Please note that these chats are available to the first 500 participants.

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Best Practices for Offering Remote Science Activities

Tuesday, April 13 • 5:45 PM - 6:45 PM

STRAND: Continuing Effective Distance Learning Strategies Post-COVID

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Attendees will participate in a hands-on experience as they construct an understanding of the best practices for presenting hands-on activities remotely.

This session is targeted for novice attendees.

Materials needed:

  • scissors
  • several paperclips
  • sheet of scrap paper

1. Discover tips, techniques, and strategies for the successful facilitation of online activities; 2. Discover new activities appropriate for online delivery, including virtual field trips; and 3. Participate in an online activity to experience (as a student) what works and what doesn't.

Michael DiSpezio (Master Educator, Presenter, and Author: North Falmouth, MA)

Visual Scaffolds That Transform Content Vocabulary Instruction During Remote Instruction

Wednesday, April 14 • 7:00 PM - 7:45 PM

STRAND: Continuing Effective Distance Learning Strategies Post-COVID

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Virtual word walls support academic language acquisition. Three strategies will be presented for use in remote or in hybrid classrooms to strategically target vocabulary.

1. How to use virtual interactive word walls to support academic language acquisition during remote or hybrid instruction; 2. Learn how to use virtual interactive word walls to highlight connections between science concepts and inquiry-based science activities while connecting scientific concepts and academic vocabulary; and 3. Experience three strategies that may be used, with virtual interactive word walls, to strategically target vocabulary during remote or in hybrid instruction.

Julie Jackson (Texas State University: San Marcos, TX)

Using Student-Driven Experiences to Build Understanding

Thursday, April 15 • 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM

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Legends of Learning Virtual NSTA Presentation April 2021
Legends of Learning provides the only truly comprehensive, curriculum-aligned and research backed game-based learning solution. Our cutting-edge, web-based GBL content is aligned to the Louisiana state standards. Our over 2,000 interactive math and science games and simulations and over 100,000 assessment questions cover all K-8 math and science standards, all delivered through an intuitive, user-friendly digital content platform.

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Sponsoring Company: Legends of Learning

With the amount of time for science instruction constantly under scrutiny, developing experiences beyond traditional classroom hours is critical. Learn how educators can leverage game-based learning to introduce, review, and deepen student content understanding. Through student-driven learning, Legends of Learning helps educators ensure that not a moment of time is lost.

1. New ways to engage students through game-based instruction; 2. How student-driven learning resources can maximize instructional time; and 3. Strategies for using game-based learning to introduce, reinforce, and enrich student content experiences.

Joselyn Whetzel (Legends of Learning: Washington, DC), Aryah Fradkin (Legends of Learning: Washington, DC), Sean Reidy (Legends of Learning: Washington, DC)

The Walking Classroom as a STEM Resource

Thursday, April 15 • 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM

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Sponsoring Company: The Walking Classroom

The Walking Classroom is a research-proven program of audio podcasts that students listen to while they walk. Our STEM program includes 60 science podcasts, including a science career series and supplemental resources. Elementary students learn better, retain information longer, and want to learn more about topics after listening and walking.

Attendees will: 1. learn about the research-proven benefits of listening to podcasts while walking as experienced by students; 2. find out more about the podcast content provided by The Walking Classroom, which includes Earth science, physical science, life science, and a careers in science series; and 3. get an overview of the additional resources provided that supplement each podcast and include video clips, downloadable worksheets, suggested hands-on activities, virtual field trips, and more!

Debra Ives (The Walking Classroom: Chapel Hill, NC)

Keynote Presentation: U.S. Secretary of Education Dr. Miguel A. Cardona Answers Your Questions

Thursday, April 15 • 4:00 PM - 4:15 PM

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Keynote Presentation: U.S. Secretary of Education, Dr. Miguel A. Cardona

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Don’t miss your opportunity to hear from U.S. Secretary of Education Dr. Miguel A. Cardona as he shares a special message and answers questions from science teachers.

Miguel Cardona (U.S. Secretary of Education: Washington, DC)

Cooped Up Kids? Students Explore STEM Indoors and Out

Thursday, April 15 • 5:30 PM - 6:15 PM

STRAND: Social Emotional Learning and the Science Classroom

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Discover free age-appropriate "Cooped Up Kids" activities that connect kids to the outdoors and exciting science content whether in school, remote, or blended.

1. Discover free hands-on lessons that are tied to the NGSS and Common Core Standards and discuss how to implement them whether learners are at home or in school; 2. Describe the socio-emotional benefits of place-based outdoor experiences for diverse K–8 students; and 3. Learn how to access a variety of free educational interactives, online multimedia resources, and citizen science projects scaffolded by lessons that are perfect for K–8 settings.

Jennifer Fee (The Cornell Lab of Ornithology: Ithaca, NY)

Keynote Presentation: Education Through Minecraft

Thursday, April 15 • 7:20 PM - 8:05 PM

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Bestselling author Max Brooks believes in the power of educating through entertainment, whether it’s learning survival skills through zombie fiction or better understanding our own history through graphic novels. What better way to reach students than through mediums they have fun using, such as video games? Join Max as he explains why he thinks the massively popular game Minecraft has the potential to be the greatest teaching tool since Gutenberg’s printing press.

Max Brooks (Author: Venice, CA)

Marketplace Partner Keynote: Integrating Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion (DEAI) in the STEM Classroom

Friday, April 16 • 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM

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Sponsoring Company: Carolina Biological Supply Co.

STEM is not just about integrating science, technology, engineering, and math. Dr. Carol O’Donnell discusses how schools can support STEM students and teachers of diverse backgrounds through curricula, professional development, and leadership development that take an integrated approach to diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion in K–12 STEM. Participants will learn about several free Smithsonian resources to integrate inclusive design into K–12 STEM curricula, apply PD strategies for teaching English learners and girls in STEM, and diversify the STEM teaching workforce.

Carol O'Donnell (Smithsonian Science Education Center: Washington, DC)

Address Learning Loss in Science with TCI

Friday, April 16 • 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM

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Bring Science Alive! Speaking and Listening Toolkit
Literacy in Science
Reading Toolkit
Vocabulary Development Strategies

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Sponsoring Company: TCI

Essential to good scientific practice and mitigating learning loss is the ability to communicate an argument effectively. You’ll be mining chocolate chip cookies to see the cause and effect between human activity and Earth Systems. We’ll demonstrate how to integrate language skills while guiding students in developing their science knowledge.

1. Mitigate learning loss by integrating literacy skills in science investigations; 2. Learn to integrate literacy skills into elementary science classrooms; and 3. Leave with practical real-world tips that can be immediately incorporated into the classroom.

Dawn Smith (TCI: Murray, KY), Kelsey Moore (TCI: Mountain View, CA)

Marketplace Partner Keynote: Planning for a Responsive Relaunch

Friday, April 16 • 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM

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Capitalizing on Science for a Responsive Relaunch
Handout (use this one)
Planning for a Responsive Relaunch - NSTA April 2021.pdf
Slides: Planning for a Responsive Relaunch

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Sponsoring Company: Amplify

What have we learned during the past year about what we most value about teaching and learning? Where does science fit in a responsive relaunch? Join leaders from UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science as we reflect on these questions and begin to explore how to capitalize on a phenomenon-based approach to create a culture that values student voice and fosters curiosity and engagement.

Rebecca Abbott (The Lawrence Hall of Science: Berkeley, CA)

Designing Culturally Responsive Makerspace Pop-Up Activities

Saturday, April 17 • 4:30 PM - 5:15 PM

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Designing Culturally Responsive Makerspace Pop-Up Activities.pdf

STRAND: Integrating Science and Literacy

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Discover research-based approaches on how to build a strong makerspace community that taps into foundational scientific literacy skills. Participate in a makerspace project-based literacy challenge.

1. Improve culturally responsive teaching in an informal makerspace environment through the development of makerspace pop-up activities and training approaches following a makerspace project-based literacy process; 2. Increase scientific literacy achievement through informal literacy hands-on makerspace pop-up activities focused on STEM real-world activities; and 3. Describe opportunities and hands-on mobile approaches to build capacity of existing informal makerspace learning of remote communities, diverse learners, and STEM professionals serving underrepresented minority populations.

Jennifer Miller (Sul Ross State University: Alpine, TX), Thomas Tomas (Little Singer Community School: Winslow, AZ)

Phenomena to Scenario: Intentionally Moving from Inquiry to STEM Application

Saturday, April 17 • 5:30 PM - 6:15 PM

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Phenomena to Scenario Planning Form_04.2021.pdf
Vasquez.Comer_WHERE Model Template_NSTA Engage Spring21 .pdf