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October 26-26, 2023

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Leading Implementation of High-Quality Instructional Materials: Practical Guidance from the Field

Thursday, October 26 • 9:00 AM - 11:45 AM

Kansas City Marriott Downtown - Colonial Ballroom

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High-quality instructional materials (HQIM) designed for next generation science can make a difference in the quality of equitable science teaching and learning throughout the system. So, how can HQIM designed for next generation science help? What are some practical ideas for how local leaders can take a systems approach to the selection, broad and effective implementation, and sustained improvements offered by such materials? Participants will consider these questions as they delve into a vignette describing how one large district took on the challenge of implementing HQIM at middle school, hear practical advice from two district leaders, and consider their own context and readiness for such an initiative. Participants consider how some aspects of their current systems are supportive of the changes required to implement high-quality instructional materials, while others are barriers and present challenges to achieving this vision of science teaching and learning.

Curriculum implementation for next generation science requires a plan guided by a clear vision shared by a strong partner, a robust professional learning program, systemic advocacy and support, capacity-building for sustainability, multi-year funding, and a kit distribution/refurbishment process.

Jenine Cotton-Proby (BSCS Science Learning: Colorado Springs, CO), Susan Gomez Zwiep (BSCS Science Learning: Colorado Springs, CO), Jody Bintz (BSCS Science Learning: Colorado Springs, CO)

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