Vernier Graphical Analysis™ Pro - Dec2022

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The COVID-19 pandemic offers an unprecedented context to explore and engage all students in societally relevant problems. The presentation proposes an instructional framework for STEM education, by foregrounding justice and capitalizing on new advances in STEM disciplines, that can support justice-centered decision-making and solutions to societally pressing phenomena and challenges.

Specifically, the instructional framework leverages data science, computer science, and multidisciplinary convergence of STEM disciplines, which have become key to finding solutions to the pandemic. By harnessing the affordances of new advances in STEM disciplines to surface the systemic racism endemic in our society and structural systems, the instructional framework presents one approach to creating “a new normal” for STEM education that centers social justice. During the presentation, we will walk the participants through navigating data sources and share our science lesson as an example of our instructional framework.



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