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The 3R's 5E Lesson Plan

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Naidelyn Vazquez Naidelyn Vazquez 380 Points

Hi! I am currently working on a 5E Lesson plan on the 3R's for 2nd-grade students. I had a hard time figuring out a way for them to get involved hands-on with recycling or something with the 3R's. The best I could think of was to have them collect the recycling material from different classes but I know there's something else they can do that wouldn't take up a lot of time. So I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on something better? 

Gilberto Garcia Gilberto Garcia 1115 Points

Hello Naidelyn, I have a program at my school called colorcycle partnership with Crayola Company. We collect used (old) markers. You have to create an account and they will send you a shipping label. It is really easy and simple to do it. Here is the link [] Sign In | Sign In Be a C o l o r C y c l e Champion! Sign Up Your School Now! To get Crayola ColorCycle started in your school, you’ll need to select someone to be the ColorCycle Champion. I ask my students to create their own drop off boxes (like a piggy bank style). Each student would deliver these boxes to other room throughout the school. After few months we collect the boxes and count all markers and ship them to Crayola. Have fun recycling, Gil

Gabe Kraljevic Gabe Kraljevic 4564 Points

Hello Naidelyn,

While all three of the Rs  are important I find that we really only concentrate recycling.  Reducing our use of resources, which in turn reduces energy consumption and waste, is the ideal first step. This involves big commitments to change our habits.

For your young class I recommend that you start with awareness.  Identify and quantify the waste in your classroom.  This integrates math, observation, measuring and sorting skills.  Create displays of the data collected.  Students can research how the different items in the trash are produced and how they behave in the environment. 

Now that the students have a base line of their waste production brainstorm ideas to reduce the amount.  This may include communication to parents on your class’s ideas. Keep on quantifying the waste-production and track their results as they work through the reduction campaign. 

Ask the class if there is refuse that could be replaced with reusable items such forks, spoons, water bottles. Keep recording the waste produced and updating your display of data.  Now identify the items still being discarded that can be recycled and research how recycling is done. 

Once your students are 3R practitioners consider introducing them to advocacy.  Create posters, make presentations to other classes, set up an information booth with literature for the other students in the school.

Your 3R program has now become a complete cross-curricular project!

Hope this helps!

Andrea Jaime Andrea Jaime 405 Points

Hi Naidelyn! I think a great hands on idea would be giving them a classification activity where the students with provided items are to catergorize them with in the 3 R's, Reduce , Reuse and Recycle. For instance if you are unable to provide physical objects to be classified you can always use print outs to be catergorised instead. I will attach a picture down below for an example. I hope this helps!  

Hayle Gaul Hayle Gaul 1715 Points

A good way to integrate the 3 R's into your classroom could be collecting paper. Schools use so many papers the materials would be able to find easily within the school's walls. You could reuse them to build stools or other future for your classroom library (Google has many instructions on how to do this). You could also make posters to hang around the school to inform and motivate students to recycle paper. This could be tied to literacy and writing standards. Within your class, you could have a recycling bin that would stay year round. 

Brenda Velasco Mizenko Brenda Velasco 2695 Points

You could create art projects or musical instruments from recycled products. Just make sure there are no sharp edges and are clean. Here is a link to some art projects you could do:

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