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Morgan Bell Morgan Bell 390 Points

I am doing field hours in an elementary school and did a lesson on the food chain. What ways have you taught the food chain that have gone over well in the classroom for different age groups?

London Eaves London Eaves 325 Points

Hi! I am in the process of doing a lesson on the food chain for a kindergarten class. I found it age appropriate to provide the students with mask of different animals found in an ecosystem . I picked one ecosystem to the students don't get overwhelmed. This activity works kind of like a tag game. Each student had a mask and on go, the predator and prey go and tag each other. After grouping, students are discuss their findings and distinguish which one of them is the predator and which on is the prey. The students grasp the understanding that animals eat other animals in order to survive. Hope this helps !

Ashtyn Riley Ashtyn Riley 3830 Points

Even though I have not personally taught about food chains, I found this book that could be used to help teach about food chains: What Eats what in the Rainforest Food Chain (I put the link below). In my classroom, I would use this book as the "Explain" aspect of the 5E's. I would then allow each child to pick a different ecosystem and research that ecosystem's food chain as the elaborate. This lesson could be adapted to fit the needs of any grade level! Here is the link to the book: Here is a website that has a lot of food chain games! This could be used as an Engage or an Explore section of the 5Es. I would not spend my whole lesson with an online game, but the students would be engaged and learning!

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