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Find ways to Teach Short/Long Term Environmental Science

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Micheal P Floyd Jr Micheal P Floyd Jr 75 Points

Environmental Science, like Biological Science, is easy. All one has to know, and do, is one's own environment. Let's take the term Biome, which is an environment that has 5 components: "food, shelter, medical, energy, and clothing". As these relate to you: restaurants, hotel, clinics. gas station. and clothing store". Locate a high school and you will find a Biome. Inside the school you will find: "Cafeteria, Classrooms, Nurses office, Gymnasium, and in the office, lost and found (clothing)". Most environments has these 5 components, and those that has 4 or fewer are not biomes. They are environments, but not biomes. These environments are few, in numbers, so your approach will deal with biomes. Don't let Environmental Science scare you, just remember this one methodology "Reality Based Instruction". I coined this 34 years ago, which allowed me to take a conceptual term and apply it to real life. Good luck to you, keep in touch if you need me. - Dr. M. P. Floyd Jr., Ed.S, Ed.D, Ph.D. - [email protected]

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