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Chelsea Hunt Chelsea Hunt 780 Points

Hello, this will be my fourth year teaching, however my 2nd year teaching 4th grade. I did something last year that my class really enjoyed! We skyped with a ranger from Yellowstone National Park! After seeing my students excitement and how in tune they were with the ranger I got to thinking more about how I can incorporate that idea into my lessons. So I am wondering if any anyone has every skyped with someone for a particular topic in science? How do I go about setting this up? If anyone has any ideas please let me know thank you!

Treva Keller Treva Keller 1090 Points

That is a really good idea. I wish that someone could share some other ideas for virtual field trips but for math as well..

Angela Vasquez Angela Vasquez 1165 Points

I love this idea! My kids did some virtual field trips through United Streaming, but not skype! I may google it. If I find anything useful I'll let you know!

Chelsea Hunt Chelsea Hunt 780 Points

I didn't even think about math, but yes I agree that math would be great as we'll. Please let know if something is found and I will do the same!

Betty Paulsell Betty Paulsell 48560 Points

NASA used to have video conferences out of Houston. You might check on that.

Chelsea Hunt Chelsea Hunt 780 Points

Oh fabulous!! I will have to look into that... how exciting.

Kim Villarreal Kim Villarreal 1735 Points

Mystery Number on Skype Education is super fun!

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