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What activity can be provided to the students, so they can learn how and why Earth has four seasons, what would be the best way to present the subject and make it intresting and valuable at the same time in order for students to succeed in learning the subject?

Stephanie Ramos Stephanie Ramos 270 Points

What I would do is have the students work in group while making a foldable. This make it fun for them while also having a hands on activity.


Mandy Medlin Mandy Medlin 580 Points

A good hands on activity is to have a minimum of 4, max of 8 blow up globes. Black out the room, with only a lamp in the middle /no shade. Have a north star point so that the north pole points in that direction (have it be approx imately at the level to the Earth's axis has a tilt). Have 4 X's on the floor where  students would stand with the globes with the north pole pointing towards the north star. Show how the tilt is always the same, but dependong on where the Earth is in relation to the sun, the north pole can be tilted towards the sun (summer) or away from the sun (winter) and in between is the summer or fall. Students can move with their earth around the sun to see how the light hits different parts of the earth at diffeent times. If you used 8 globes, the other 4 would be the in between phases of the soltices and equinoxes.


I hope that made sense.

Megan Anderson Megan Anderson 630 Points

I am a teacher in training and have also been wondering what activities I could do to teach this topic. So, thank you all for sharing. I really like the idea of having students create a foldable. This would give students the opportunity to be creative while learning about the four seasons and why we have them. I also think having students act out the process of Earth rotating around the sun could be a great introduction to this topic. 

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