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Body systems model project for sixth grade

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Gretchen Cefalu Gretchen Cefalu 60 Points

Hi Everyone.  My sixth grade students are researching different body systems. They are "doctors" trying to diagnose a patient with specific symptoms. They will present this information to the class.    As a final project for this unit I am planning to have them make a "life-size"  (reasonably life-size) model of their system using what ever materials they choose, however part of it has to move. Has anyone done this as a project for their sixth graders? I am new to teaching sixth grade and want to make sure my expectations are reasonable.   All advice is appreciated. Thanks! Gretchen   

Pamela Dupre Pamela Dupre 92369 Points

I did this with 5th graders. For the elbow joint we used paper towel rolls to be the arm bones and a balloon slightly inflated to be the joint of the elbow. We used this site to model the heart using a tennis ball. It was super tough to make it work but some students had incredible hand strength. There are other systems out there, just search for the ones you need.

Lauren Apodaca Lauren Apodaca 345 Points

Ziplock bags and straws to simulate lungs!

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