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Ericka Lluberes Ericka Lluberes 505 Points

I believe the biggest issue in our schools right now is balancing subjects. Most teachers focus on the core subjects like math and writing and let the other subjects like science, social studies and lets not get started with electives like art, music and physical education fall through the cracks. How do we expect our students to fall in love or even enjoy subjects like science when we don't prioritize that specific subject? I understand that the demand is tough but we should try to respect and give each subject time and the necessary interest.

Jessica Villarreal Jessica Villarreal 1385 Points

All subjects are indeed important and it is our job as teachers to make them as engaging as possible so the students are actively engaged and interested in what is being taught. I think time management is a key element to this issue. As a teacher, you have to understand that throughout the day you have to be sure to keep the class flowing and at a good pace. With this mastered, it won't be a challenge to incorporate all the subjects. You can also make certain days to have more time upon certain subjects so that will be focused more.

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