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Strategies for Effective Classroom Management in Science Education

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Anna Kate Burleson Anna Kate 160 Points

What are some effective strategies and resources you've found helpful in managing classroom behavior and promoting a positive learning environment in your science classes?

Katrina Woody Katrina Woody 130 Points


I am actually behavioral support (learning lab instructor) at an elementary school and I work with several students on different strategies they can use in and out of the classroom. However, now I am in my own classroom teaching 3rd graders. I was placed in the classroom because of the numerous behavioral problems that were going on daily. Here is a list of some of the strategies to promote a positive classroom environment:

  1. Create a set of class rules/expectations - at my elementary school we have something called our 'Mighty 7 Expectations' and whenever a peer or adult sees a student demonstrating one of those expectations they are rewarded with a 'brag tag' or 'house dojo points.' 
  2. Use call and response to get the attention of the class - 'Class, Class...YES YES!' 'Flat Tire! Shhhhhhh' 'Track me now...ZOOM ZOOM POW,' clapping your hands and have students repeat the rhythm, or I have a set of doorbells that ring when I need complete silence in the classroom. 
  3. Visual timers when students are rotating around the classroom is helpful as well. Students like seeing how much time they have left until the next activity to begin or the current activity to end 
  4. I remind my students in the morning during community circle that were are not just a class but a TEAM! We all work together as one to always try our best! 
  5. Organization in the classroom is key as well. Being organized allows the students to feel more independent. My students can grab a pencil, glue stick, a pair of scissors, tissue, sanitzer, clipboards, etc. on their own without having to interupt the whole class learning. 

Good luck! 

Eleana Day Eleana Day 80 Points

Classroom management is vital to having a positive learning environment that is beneficial for all students.  To begin with, one must have clear, classroom expectations. Consider having a lesson strictly on classroom expectations, and have the expectations clearly posted in the room.  Go over the expectations before each project.  Additionally, consider a class wide reinforcement system.  For example, each day or time the class participates in an acceptable manor, a marble is added to a jar.  When the jar is full, the class gets to vote on a choice of exciting hands-on science experience.  Also consider the teaching methodology and quality of instruction.  Really engage the students and pique their interest each day which can be the difficult part.  But by incorporate current events and making it relevant to their lives, they’ll likely be more interested and engaged.  Great teaching, alone, will improve behavior.  Don’t forget to tell students when they are doing  a good job! 

Larry Waye Larry Waye 90 Points

Hi Everyone!

I am a first-year 3rd grade teacher. What are some other strategies to use when you have used class rule /expectations daily, used call and response to get the attention of the class daily, as well points system and recognizing students that are doing a good daily. Still having constant behaviors in the classroom on daily basis of students talking and not paying attention while I am giving instructions. I know time management and knowing the material is key point and I am getting better with that. It is very frustrating, knowing that students have the ability to do better but choose not to. 

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