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Breann Dieperink Breann Dieperink 50 Points

I think that distance learning is and will be very hard for students because they are unable to visually learn subjects in a school environment, and they also will be unable to experience the social aspect of learning in a classroom. But, do the current circumstances, students are getting thrown into these distance learning situations. I think that in order to keep them learning and growing outside of the classroom, distance learning needs to be highly interactive and the guardians at home with the student need to also be involved in helping the student learn. Allowing the students to be more interactive online through games or zoom calls or different activities will help them use new problem solving skills but also keep them interested and engaged. Distance learning isn't going to be easy for everyone, but it will keep everyone safe and healthy, and that is the most important part!

Hello Breann. I agree distance learning will be hard for most students, especially the ones lacking the resources needed. I have seen some school districs where I live that are actually providing the students with ipads so that they can continue their education. Also, the school districts are providing free wifi by placing school buses with built in wifi routers. you see these buses parked all over town! Nontheless, distance learning is not for everyone, some students and teachers may not like it, but like you said, 'keeping everyone safe and healthy, is the most importnat part!'




Alejandra Garcia Alejandra Garcia 475 Points

Hello Breann,

I definitely think that distance learning is harder for some students because like you mentioned they are not interacting in a school enviroment. I also personally think that for learning to be successfull at home and virtually parents need to be involved and helping out their children because it is very easy for students to become distracted. I also believe that virtual learning should include interactive learning games or activities to help the students stay engaged in learning and not become bored. Yes keeping everyone at home is the safest thing to do for everyone right now but distance learning is not easy for everyone because everyone lives in different circumstances and some students have more support than others at home. What can be done with these students whom don't have learning support at home? 

Melissa Ruiz Melissa Ruiz 210 Points

I agree distance learing is not ideal for learning when parents do not participate in their learning and hold them accountable when they are not participating and interacting in the classroom. 

Mya Riley Mya Riley 190 Points

Breann, I completely agree with everything you are saying about distance learning but what about the students who don't have the same oppurtunities as others do. Many american kids live in situations that don't cause for parents or gardians to want to be involved in helping their student. What would we do in that case? 

Aseneth Soto Aseneth Soto 480 Points

Hello Breann,

Just like you I believe that distance learning will be hard for most students because as you mentioned, they are unable to visually learn the material in a school environment. I believe that in order to keep the students engaged to your classroom one should make it fun. Making distant learning more interactive would increase the participation of the students of your classroom. Distance learning in my opinion is the safest way to keep everyone at home safe, but one should also understand that technology is something that is not made for everyone. Parental involvement in my opinion right now is extremely important. I believe that the help of parents during these circumstances will make a difference if the student acquires material. But is also important to understand that many students lack this type of support at home. So, in this situation how will you approach parents in order for them to become more involve in the education of their son/daughter? 

Sean Blackwell Sean Blackwell 290 Points


I personally am struggling with distanced learning. A lot of activities I have in my plans were based on interaction and teamwork. Well, that's out the window now! It's okay though!! as educators we trained pros in flexibility. I know we can all be so successful in giving our students the best experience possible while still being safe and effectively teaching. 

Max Taranov Max Taranov 10 Points

Grace Cotogno Grace Cotogno 65 Points

I agree, I feel that distance learning is something that is difficult in some way for all students, especially because it lacks engagement and hands-on learning activities and assignments. It is so important for students to be in a classroom environment, so when that is taken away it is much more complicated to have an effective learning experience. When doing distance learning, it is also really helpful to allow students to do group work to stay engaged and get different ideas from one another. I also agree that engagement on zoom calls through activities, games, and zoom calls sparks interest and results in more comprehension of the material being taught. While it is not an easy approach to educating students, there are many options to keep students interested and feel like they are learning effectively. 

Georgina Alfonso Georgina Alfonso 605 Points

Distance learning does keep everyone safe, but there are many disadvantages. Students don't have the same opportunity to interact and engage physically/socially. Unfortunately, it does not fit all types of learners either. I have noticed that students have difficulties staying motivated, interacting with peers, and staying on task. I feel it is important to incorporate hands-on activities with parental involvement as this will keep students engaged and motivated. Some students have difficulty staying connected as they do not have a reliable source of internet/electricity and don't always have a friend's house or library where internet access is readily available for them to use. There are many resources available to help engage learners and keep them motivated, but that (alone) will not work for every single student as everyone learns differently.

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